'Print, light the fuse, stand well back and enjoy.'

Rob Lang, The Free RPG Blog

'I can easily see a group of players sitting down at a table saying “let’s play X” and having characters created in 5 minutes or less. For gamemasters adept at winging it, this is a dream. '

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Here he talks about roleplaying. yes, that's right, it's a roleplaying blog about roleplaying. Go figure.

Welcome to FARSIGHT GAMES, home of the free SKETCH roleplaying system and your source for short, simple and speedy Roleplaying Games.

SKETCH games are designed for one-off, single night adventures, for when gaming groups are taking a break between campaigns, or if a few players want to do a fast off-the-cuff adventure with no intention of getting involved in a long campaign. The simplicity of the rules and character creation is such that a game can be set up in minutes. The rules are easy to use, requiring only the use of a single six-sided dice for all aspects of the game.

So, if you find yourself stuck for an evening’s adventure and need something to play at a moment’s notice, then a SKETCH game is your answer. Just go on over to the 'SKETCH system' page to download your free copy of the basic game and the free games that have already been produced.

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